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For over 30 years we have been designing and selling plans for detached and multi-occupied houses. We are a leader in creating and selling house designs on the Polish market.

Our design offer is a rich collection of over 2800 house plans, amongst which you will find houses that are modern and traditional, small and cheap in construction, as well as villas and residences. Every design in our offer can be translated to the chosen language, accordingly with placed order. Currently, in addition to architectural and construction projects in Polish, we also create them in, among others German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Slovak and English.

All ARCHON+ house plans were created in accordance with EU energy-efficiency requirements, while our structural designs are based on EUROCODE European regulations. Each of our projects can be adapted to the current requirements in force in the country. To customize the project to local conditions, just ask a local architect who will take into account the requirements of the project location prevailing in the specific area and adjust the project to be in line with affective laws, standards and technical conditions in your country.

We offer high-quality technical documentation, the professional architectural consulting and the ability to customize the project to the individual needs.

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